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Nyurka, the child of Dasha and Gleb Chumalov, recalls the dead and the living of a distant revolution. After three years of civil war regimental commissar Gleb Tschumalow returns to his homeland as in a strange world. The cement factory, where he worked as a locksmith, seems to be abandoned and the revolutionary dreams and visions are shattered in the struggle of the masses for everyday survival. Chumalov’s wife Dascha organizes women and also privately insists on change. Ownership and dependence on women and men have been abolished. After years of illegal struggle, Dasha sacrifices her home and the family of her revolutionary task. The common child Njurka lives in the children’s home. Before the revolution, Tschumalow was betrayed by the civil engineer Kleist together with three other Communists to the police. He was the only one to survive prison and torture. Now he is facing his enemy and must not take revenge, because the engineer with his knowledge and experience is needed for the reconstruction of the cement factory. Gleb succeeds in the fight against the party bureaucracy, to get the necessary papers for the work. Cement production can start when Njurka starves to death in the children’s home. A passionate battle of the vulnerable body with old and new ideas.


by Heiner Müller
Director: Dimiter Gotscheff
Production: Residenztheater München

with Valery Tscheplanowa, Sebastian Blomberg, Bibiana Beglau

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Book author Heiner Müller
Product language German
Duration 167 min
Size 140 x 190 mm
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Publisher Belvedere Theater Edition
Year published 2015
Other Region 0 / PAL, DVD 9, 16:9
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