When the Curtain falls Portaits

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“The pictures invite thoughtful lingering, are even thought-out productions. Not documents, not means of promoting a theater or a star – theater photography is here an art form of its own right.
Hans-Thies Lehmann


The artists, including Kate Winslet, Isabelle Huppert, Christoph Schlingensief and John Malkovich, have not quite put off their role and their costumes, they are still in the wings, in cloakrooms, theater corridors or in the mask. For the viewer, the photographs reveal glances that normally remain hidden from the public. Artists in the utmost relaxation after the highest excitement.

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Book author Margarita Broich
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Pages 96
Illustrations 72
ISBN 9783895813238
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Publisher Alexander Verlag
Year published 2014
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