Walzer Ein Stück von Pina Bausch

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Waltz is a part of the eponymous play by Pina Bausch. It premiered in the summer of 1982 in the Carré Theater Amsterdam and recorded in the fall of the same year under her direction in the Wuppertal Schauspielhaus. When the Norddeutsche Rundfunk became interested in the work in 1986, Pina Bausch viewed and edited the material.

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Product language English, Français, German
Pages Booklet: 72
Duration 55 min
Size 135 x 210 mm
ISBN 978-2-85181-787-7
Medium Books, DVDs / CDs / Nonbooks
Product type DVD mit Buch
Publisher Pina Bausch Foundation
Year published 2012
Other DVD: Format: 4:3, NTSC, Color; Sound: PCM stereo; Subtitles: French, German, English

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