Wagners Nibelungenring for children Opera for children

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The actual opera consists of 4 parts and lasts about 18 hours. Here everything was put together in 70 minutes.
The story was a bit remodeled. Every Wagner expert’s heart stops when he hears that the forest bird appears on stage first.
But the forest bird is the narrator for the children who guides them through the story. The figure is well integrated and introduced.
Story and lyrics are a little different.
But the story is exciting from the first to the very last! Exciting because of the dragon, the robbery of the ring, by the songs of the Rhinemaidens, who should take care of the ring, the Valkyries, and Brünhilde.
The story ends with a wonderful happy ending.

Important thing is: it’s serious, original opera music. After all, there are often performances in which the children decide that they have to behave stupidly or talk silly, so that children laugh.

That’s not here at all.
Here you can hear the pin on the floor. Drama and suspense until the end!

Stegmann has packed a 15-hour Wagner opera for children (and adults!) in an exciting 70 minutes. Brilliant.

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Product language German
Duration 69 min
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Publisher Helikon Harmonia Mundi
Year published 2014

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