Understanding OISTAT

by Shirley Yang

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Are you still not getting what an international organization is? Are you still wondering what OISTAT is and what OISTAT does? Here is your best solution!

Understanding OISTAT – Network of Global Theatre Professionals is the best, most easy-to-read guidebook to peek into the international theatre organization – OISTAT. OISTAT, as a communication hub for the international theatre community since 1968, aims to generate and promote ongoing exchange of knowledge, international collaborations, and experimentations.

This book details OISTAT’s organizational structure, operations, activities, its transitions and challenges. It provides insights into its past and future. While revealing challenges many international NGOs face, it further offers suggestions in evolving with the ever-changing world. The book includes a complete record of OISTAT leadership, significant milestones, international activities and projects that will prove as a valuable resource for the worldwide theatre community.

OISTAT Headquarters as a moving entity has traveled from Prague, Amsterdam, and now to Taipei. With the advantage of being in a Mandarin-speaking country, this book was able to be composed in both English and Chinese, in order to serve broader readers.

As the only international NGO with a migrating Headquarters, through this book, you will see the transformation of the organization, the every-day works, the challenges and opportunities. The interviews with international theatre professionals are also featured, revealing the true face of OISTAT.

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