The Urban Theater

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Mark Jenkins brought sculpture to street art. The American artist Mark Jenkins is one of the key figures in street art today. He is known for the clever installations of his startlingly lifelike sculptures in urban spaces. This expert staging of his work provokes various reactions from passersby and expands his interventions into powerful performances. The Urban Theater is Mark Jenkins’s first monograph. The book documents a broad spectrum of his compelling, often disturbing street installations. It also includes photos with which Jenkins has documented viewers’ spontaneous responses and interactions with his interventions. Although select work from Mark Jenkins has been exhibited in renowned venues such as Lazarides Galleries and the Kunsthalle Wien, his art is made for the street. Jenkins’s sculptures only become complete for him when they interact with their urban environments and the people within them.

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Book author Mark Jenkins
Product language English
Pages 161
Size 210 x 265mm
ISBN 978-3-89955-396-3
Medium Books
Format hardcover
Publisher Die Gestalten Verlag
Year published 2012
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