Die Zukunft der Oper Zwischen Hermeneutik und Performativität

Edited by Barbara Beyer, Susanne Kogler, Roman Lemberg

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How can the works of the opera repertoire be staged beyond the “director’s theater” and without questionable actuality? How can music theater look for a 21st century audience? Can the performative provide a further dimension – a dimension that allows for the uncontrolled, deceives expectations, and sets expectations for surprise and irritation?

A research project of the Art University Graz under the direction of Barbara Beyer has dealt theoretically and practically with these questions for several years. Using the example of Mozart’s opera “Così fan tutte”, three different directorial teams worked out three different approaches to the work and staged them with three different ensembles.

In preparation for and accompanying the performances in October 2013 at the Deutsche Oper Berlin, discussions, workshops and a symposium with experts from the arts and sciences took place.

“The Future of Opera – Between Hermeneutics and Performativity” brings together the contributions of the Symposium u. a. by Dirk Baecker, Erika Fischer-Lichte, Carl Hegemann and Christine Lemke-Matwey and documents the three opera productions on an enclosed DVD.

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Editor Barbara Beyer, Susanne Kogler, Roman Lemberg
Product language German
Pages 430
ISBN 978-3-943881-88-2
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Format Paperback
Publisher Theater der Zeit
Year published 2014

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