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Art fairs from Basel to Miami to Hong Kong bear witness to the continuous neo-liberalization of art. The art fair as a performative place and as an art dispositive has long since replaced museums and art societies as a discourse accelerator. Economic added value is the new aura, art history is privatized. In his installation “The Fair Play” at the Schauspiel Leipzig, the director and visual artist Philipp Preuss examines the art fair as a profaned high office, the event as a flea market and the fair as a contemporary and radical form of staged readymade curating: The bunk is a stage, an artist Figures, Gallerinas a choir, the gallery is a framework for images of success, meaning, resonance. System-critical and thus system-relevant! Buy this!

The book “The Fair Play” is the catalog of the art fair, featuring the works of Anatol Attivic, Brian Cameo, Sandrine Garcine, Yuri Jovanovic, Nico Reed, Paul McGuffin, Jean-Luc Rondy, Maria Wawumba, Joe Tearman, Michel Vosz and Laura Bartleby presents from renowned international galleries. In addition to a foreword by the curating jury and a text by the dramaturge and author Jochen Thermann on the “Persona Preuss”, the Katolog includes an artist talk about identity in the post-digital age with Laura Bartleby, Anatol Attivic, Brian Cameo and Philipp Preuss.

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Year published 2017

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