Tanz Körper Politik Texte zur zeitgenössischen Tanzgeschichte

by Johannes Odenthal

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Since the nineties, the topics of body, movement and performance have not only changed the artistic production in dance, in the theater, but also in the fine arts and the media. They have also shaped cultural studies and historical discourses. In selected interviews and essays, art historian and journalist Johannes Odenthal reflects on this development over the past twenty years. The individual texts are in a cultural-political context, which manifests itself in two key themes of the last decades. First, in a re-evaluation of the body as a medium of knowledge production and thus of art. And second, in the radically new thinking of cultural identities through migration and interculturality. In addition to interviews with Heiner Müller, William Forsythe, Gerhard Bohner, Ismael Ivo, Koffi Kôkô or Kazuo Ohno, there are essays on contemporary dance and current issues of cultural policy.

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Book author Johannes Odenthal
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Year published 2012

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