Wilfried Minks. Bühnenbauer

by Ulrike Maack, Wilfried Minks

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“I freed the sets from their illustrative task and gave them autonomy”

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In 1966 Wilfried Minks brings Peter Zadek’s production of Die Räuber Roy Lichtenstein’s picture Crak! on stage. One year later, he fills it in for Zadek’s production of Measure by Measure with red, yellow and blue light bulbs. He became the most influential stage designer in Germany and one of its most important directors. Now he presents his autobiography.

Lively, Minks tells of his childhood in Bohemia and the rise of National Socialism, he reports on the flight to Saxony and leads the reader to the stages of his theatrical life: to Leipzig, Berlin, Stuttgart, Ulm, Bremen and Frankfurt.

With Minks the reader meets Kurt Hübner and Peter Stein, Edith Clever and Bruno Ganz, but also his wives and children. One can read in this book about how Minks’ very own way of thinking, building, staging, and developing theater is gradually being developed – a theatrical work that was to become groundbreaking and decisive for the question of what theater is in the first place.

This life-picture, which has many photographs, is of burning relevance.

The stages that Wilfried Minks built belong not only to the annals of theater history, they belong to the future. This is what makes this autobiography, which is rendered as a conversation with his wife Ulrike Maack, so important. She is as alive as the stage designer himself – and as important as the stages he builds.

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