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Three stories between stage and life – exciting young German cinema and a real Berlin movie

Two weeks before the premiere, nothing works, director René Pollesch and his ensemble are in deep crisis. The inexperienced Marlon does not understand what Pollesch wants him to do. Lizzy tries to test her limits: She finally wants to be naked on stage and does not stop annoying. Oh Boy, not really a real actor, does not even appear for the rehearsals. Nevertheless, it will be tried on until the scraps fly.

With subtle humor and quirky realism, the film tells in three episodes of life and survival in the metropolis, of loneliness and friendship, success and recognition. The rehearsals for René Pollesch’s staging of ‘Stadt als Loot’, the furious collection of insane texts and outbursts of despair, form the common starting point of the episodes.

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Book author Irene von Alberti
Product language German
Duration 93 min
Size 135 x 190 mm
ISBN 3-937045-36-8
Medium DVDs / CDs / Nonbooks
Format DVD
Product type 1 DVD
Publisher Filmgalerie 451, ZDF
Year published 2005
Other with englisch subtitles; 16:9; DD2.0/5.1

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