Acting methods. Conversations with Actors

by Kurator/curator: Ulrich Matthes

Edited by Akademie der Künste Berlin

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Why does man play? What drives actors to the stage, what do they do there, what price do they have to pay, and what reality do they ultimately share with their audience? The actor Ulrich Matthes has invited nine colleagues to think aloud about their art once outside the rehearsal and the feature pages. In collaboration with the filmmaker Ingo J. Biermann, ten half-hour video talks have been made about ways of playing that reflect contemporary theater from an actor’s point of view: enlightening, inspiring and again and again amazing.

The interview partners are: Yvonne Büdenhölzer, Matthias Dell, Sebastian Heindrichs, Nele Hertling, Peter Kümmel, Matthias Lilienthal, Hans-Dieter Schütt, Anika Steinhoff, Andres Veiel, Matthias Weigel

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Book author Kurator/curator: Ulrich Matthes
Editor Akademie der Künste Berlin
Product language German
Pages Booklet: 64 Seiten/pages
Duration 310 min
Size 140 x 190 mm
ISBN 978-3-88331-205-7
Medium DVDs / CDs / Nonbooks
Format Film
Product type 2 DVDs
Publisher Akademie der künste Berlin
Year published 2014
Other curator: Ulrich Matthes Video: Ingo J. Biermann; color; 16:9; Strereo; With englisch subtitles

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