by Rafael Spregelburd

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A whole month of spam email in a dazed university professor, the hub around which the crackling whirlwind of ingenious text whirls is created by one of the leaders of today’s international scene of writing and theater. Taking advantage of the dramatic collaboration of the translators of his choice, the director Manuela Cherubini, congegna the teatrista arge Spregelburd a game that is a kind of modular system in which the temporal sequence of days and events as a mosaic between them arises from interchangeable parts so much that there are several at will, without that the reader could eliminate the thread of combinatory fun and playfully wondering that we tend one side after the other. It remains in fact admired, perhaps happily surprised and confounded by the maelstrom of events, abuses and atypical reconstructions, encompassing 31 chapters in which interwoven characters, situations and events are on the verge of a plausible improbabilities. Starting from doubtful character of the academic relations of the protagonist, to even more dubious figures of various kinds; through shady rounds of money and trade of innocent daring dolls, with détour channels around fabulous ancient languages ​​and sudden disquisitions about male sex organ size. All this – and more – innervate a drama-centered location to expand, thus developing the limits of thinking and possibilities included in human imagination with inventions that help us day after day to face the indomitable Royal Catastrophe us.

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Book author Rafael Spregelburd
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Pages 98
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ISBN 978-8-889844-246-1
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Format paperback
Publisher cue press
Year published 2015

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