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“Hooray! Now there is also a Theatertreffen in Switzerland.” When the Zurich author Armin Kerber wrote this sentence to the first Swiss Theatertreffen 2014, many wondered what is meant with this Theatertreffen. A showcase? Another festival? No, one of the most unusual national theatertreffen that exist. Thats pretty clear after three years and two openings. With the invited productions from Ticino, Romandie, Rhaeto-Romanic Switzerland and German-speaking Switzerland, scenes meet here that previously did not know much about each other and whose artistic handwriting is very different.

On the occasion of the 3rd Swiss Theatertreffen in Geneva in May 2016, Theater der Zeit in cooperation with the Association Swiss Theatertreffen will give an insight into the unique diversity of the Swiss theatre scene, introduce influential artists, analyzes the character of the three language regions and describe a country that began to fill the concept of artistically diversity with life.

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ISBN 978-3-95749-070-4
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Publisher Theater der Zeit
Year published 2016
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