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“Body Trilogy” – A Three-Part Choreographic Cycle In 1999, Sasha Waltz began work on a three-part choreographic cycle on the human body that she completed in 2002 – the body trilogy Body / S / noBody. In the body, she examines the anatomy and physique of man, relates the bodies of the dancers to architecture, science and history. S traces the origin of life, eros and sensuality. noBody asks the question about the metaphysical existence of man. With her 13 dancers, Sasha Waltz visualizes the shell and interior of the human body, its beauty and ugliness, its mortality and the dream of a perfect body in its legendary body piece. What is the body? How does he sit down? The human organism is depicted as a unitary system as well as broken down into its fragments. The examined anatomy finds a transfer into the geometry of the room. S forms the middle part of the trilogy of the body of Sasha Waltz. Thus, the play acts as a link between the examination of the physique of the human being in the body on the one hand and the metaphysics of human being in noBody on the other hand. If sexuality and eros were almost completely omitted in the other two productions, they are thematically in the center of attention. The New York musician Jonathan Bepler, known for his long-standing collaboration with Matthew Barney on the Cremaster cycle, composed the expansive original music of the production. NoBody closes the circle of the three-part choreographic cycle about man and his body. Together with 25 dancers, the choreographer faces the challenge of visualizing the non-physical, the spiritual through the body. It thematizes the absence of the body and confronts the feelings that trigger the recognition of mortality in us. What is man beyond his body? What is the immortal in us?

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