Penthesilea Hofer Strichfassung (Edition 17 Schauspiel)

by Heinrich von Kleist

Edited by Ulrich Poessnecker

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The Hofer line version of the tragedy shows itself as a strongly abridged version, which emphasizes precisely its radicality of transgressing cultural norms and makes the very difficult to be staged piece actually only playable. Here, in the arrangement of the director of the Hofer Theatre, there is a text which places as much emphasis on the intensity of the emotional worlds of its protagonists as on the central role of language. The play tells the story of the hero Achilles and the Amazon Queen Penthesilea. Both can not leave each other, they experience their love in the desire to subjugate the other as a deadly battlefield. The supplement contains an epilogue by theatre director and director Reinhardt Friese as well as explanatory remarks on the staging and press reviews. Layout and illustrations also give the publication a very appealing form.

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Book author Heinrich von Kleist
Editor Ulrich Poessnecker
Product language German
Pages 108
Size 148 x 210 mm
ISBN 9783945422021
Medium Books
Format Paperback
Publisher VerlagSiebzehn
Year published 2015

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