Objekttheater Aufzeichnungen, Zitate, Übungen

by Gyula Molnàr

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As an actor, writer and director Gyula Molnàr is active throughout Europe and has decisively influenced the development of the object theater. His works are creative expeditions into the world of objects, an exploration of their poetic and meaningful potential. Molnàr’s production “Three Little Suicides” is one of the classics of the genre. “It is a piece of memories of one’s own play, characterized by the comedic art and the subtle humor of an outstanding actor.”

This book gives the reader the knowledge gained from Gyula Molnàr’s long-standing work as the director of workshops on the object theater. His notes, quotes, and exercises provide an insightful and playful insight into his laboratory, exploring the interaction between the actor and the object.

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Book author Gyula Molnàr
Product language German
Pages 132
Size 145 x 205 mm
ISBN 978-3-942449-35-9
Medium Books
Publisher Theater der Zeit
Year published 2011

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