O-TON Pina Bausch Interviews und Reden

Edited by Stefan Koldehoff, Pina Bausch Foundation

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Her interest is not how people move, but what moves them, Pina Bausch once said in an interview. Time and again, the choreographer and pioneer of modern dance theater has been the answer to journalists over the years. Particular attention was paid to her work, especially the questions to the ensemble members, with which she searched for words, pictures, movements and moods to “find a language for life”.
Pina Bausch also talks about the formative experiences of her life: from childhood in Solingen, training at the Folkwang School in Essen and Juilliard School in New York, from meetings with teachers and colleagues. Above all, she tells of the 36 years in Wuppertal – of the rejection that she met at the beginning, before the tide turned slowly and Pina Bausch gained international renown with Galstspielreisen and co-productions all over the world.

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