»Not Even a Game Anymore« The Theatre of Forced Entertainment

Edited by Malzacher, Florian; Helmer, Judith

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Forced Entertainment: Hardly any other group has been so much the center of international experimental theater and performance in recent years as the legendary Sheffield company, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2004.

Especially in Germany and Great Britain her influence is great and also her interest in her unmistakable, very playful and at the same time very reflected form language, in an aesthetics, which admits some things, which is otherwise taboo on the stage. Influences of postmodern, structuralist and media theoretical discourses are just as visible as the British boulevard, Anglo-Saxon slapstick and the massive tradition of Shakespearian royal dramas and costume battles. Forced Entertainment’s work does not adhere to narrow genre boundaries: two-hour, compact pieces alongside durational performances of six, twelve, or even twenty-four hours, installations, interactive CD-ROMs, films, and the prose and essay books by author and director Tim Etchells ,

For the first time a book with essays, background information, text passages and contributions of renowned scientists, journalists and artists from different countries (Patricia Benecke, Tim Etchells, Matthew Goulish, Adrian Heathfield, Judith Helmer, Hans-Thies Lehmann, Florian Malzacher, Annemarie Matzke, Andrew Quick, Anke Schleper, Gerald Siegmund, Astrid Sommer). An inspiring volume as an introduction, immersion or compendium for fans and professionals with photographs by Hugo Glendinning, who has been a congenial accompaniment to the group since its beginnings.

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Editor Malzacher, Florian; Helmer, Judith
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