Noise and Control Loomis photographs Castorf

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Just Loomis, photographer from Los Angeles, exposes Frank Castorf’s work as director. Loomis’ photography unveils one thing in particular: a celebration of wirk; or rather, work and celebration at once.

The pictures capture the realism of the street, wich has never stopped at this theatre’s gates and always been part of the Volksbühne’s imagery – think acceleration, thin overlappings ans interactions with daily life, think exertion, exhaustion, dragging on, fear and ecstasy, desire and geometry. The golden cut of a Castorf production, a phenomenon once noted by Heiner Müller, is potently reflected in Loomis photographs, like splinters of a shatterd mirror.

The fact that beauty has a subversive background, that anarchy ans subversion, in thier representation, take the form of concrete stage productions, and that these stage productions are noise and control becomes appartent in the portaits of Castorf’s ensemble, an ensemble that knows how to do one thing better than anything and anyone else: playing.
– Thomas Martin

Sample page © Just Loomis

Sample page © Just Loomis

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