The Netherlands and Flanders

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In the movement of well-established theater makers such as Johan Simons, Ivo van Hove and Luk Perceval, a vital and eclectic theater scene has developed in the Netherlands and Flanders. At a time when subsidy cuts were not yet an issue, facilities such as the Antwerp Toneelhuis, Dutch production houses, and the eclectic festival landscape gave young artists the space to develop their own projects. Ilay den Boer, Dries Verhoeven or Boukje Schweigman, but also groups such as Wunderbaum or Tristero stand for this new generation of theater makers whose work explores the possibilities and limitations of contemporary theater. The Magazine TdZ special The Netherlands and Flanders presents this and other current positions of the Dutch and Flemish theater against the backdrop of their own theatrical culture, which has been put to the test, for some time now by the government’s radical austerity measures especially in the Netherlands. The essays, conversations and short portraits by and with critics and theatremakers also ask about the causes of the affinity between the theater scenes from the Netherlands, Flanders and Germany, which – despite neo-liberal austerity debate – can be regarded as exemplary for an increasing Europeanization of the theater.

The articles are published in German and English.

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