Musik / Film Konstellationen zwischen Claude Debussy / Dudley Murphy und Hans Werner Henze / Alain Resnais

by Jürg Stenzl

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In twelve studies on films made between 1920 and 2003, the music and film historian Jürg Stenzl examines the relationships between film and music, revealing their diversity in an impressive manner.
The music and film historian Jürg Stenzl is convinced that not only to watch important films, but also – to listen with “pointed ears”.

This conviction is based on the insight that a scholarly engagement with the topic of “music and film” is worthwhile – both for the history of music and film in general and, in particular, for the reception history of music.

From the early silent film and German “Bergfilm” to the Nouvelle Vague to the operetta film, Jürg Stenzl’s studies pick out individual concrete examples and show in a methodically clever way the manifold mutual constellations between film and music – with always quite surprising findings.

The music and film historian Jürg Stenzl is convinced that not only to watch major films, but also listen to my ears pricked. Listening audience members then learn that young composers are re-sounding old silent films, thus shedding light on their ongoing relevance and how music sound films could open up new perspectives.

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