Edited by Nicole Gronemeyer, Florence von Gerkan

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In recent decades, the perception of the visuality of the theatre event has gained considerable attention. Costumes and stage create images, they shape the aesthetic experience of the audience and its access to the piece. Costumes guide the perception of the characters by determining their visual presence. The relationships between the actor’s body, the costume as its wrapping and the staged space contextualize the scenic body, they are the substance of the staging and elementary for the development of the role.

In contemporary theatre, the costume designer can explore the full spectrum of possibilities: from a costume as a sculptural sign of a self-actuality on stage to a costume, which as everyday clothing – be it made or found – make a sign of historical or contemporary temporality the possibilities of expression in all conceivable gradations and shifts.

Lessons 6 “Costume Picture” gives students, teachers and costume designers a comprehensive overview of the basics of training, the costume design as a profession and the self-image of practitioners.

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