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“My rooms do not think about whether they are art,” says Katrin Brack. And yet: Why does this question always arise when you look at its stage spaces? The description of what this exceptional stage designer has been creating in the theatre for years usually seeks the reference to the visual arts. There are gently moving mist walls moving across the stage, stagings in constant rain, confetti rain, in the snow. Then a single tree, a sky full of swings, full of light bulbs, full of glittering garlands. Their spaces are seen as moving sculptures, installations, ideas turned into things, transformed into a radical symbolism, turned into metaphors.

Rigoros thematize her work the emptiness of the stage – through the ever-present presence of the absent things – reduction. We see space-time as it plays a volume in invisible and fleeting lines: a theatre of the time.

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Book author Katrin Brack
Product language English, German
Pages 252
Size 235 x 220 mm
ISBN 978-3-940737-55-7
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Publisher Theater der Zeit
Year published 2010
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