Kasimir und Karoline

by Ödön von Horváth

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A theater film after Ödön von Horváth directed by Ben von Grafenstein

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Job gone, the BMW cabrio nearly gone too- his sudden dismissal influences not only the psyche of Kasimir, but also on the potency. No job, no sex! To keep the peace, he lets himself be persuaded by his girlfriend Karoline to visit the Oktoberfest. An unfortunate chain of events makes Karoline meet other men who ensnare her. Do you have more to offer her than her boyfriend? Karolines yearning for something that one can not buy from salary becomes clearer. There must to be more, what life holds for her. Kasimir’s feelings of inferiority turn into jealousy, powerlessness and, finally, violence. At the last second, Karoline tries to save the love. But not only for the couple, the 16 hours Oktoberfest are a breathless horror trip through the night …


A Film by Ben von Grafenstein


Kasimir: Golo Euler
Karoline: Christina Hecke
Merkl: Robert Gwisdek
Erna: Esther Kuhn
Schürzinger: Florian Bartholomäi
Rauch: Max Tidof
Speer:  Arnfried Lerche

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Book author Ödön von Horváth
Product language German
Duration 85 min
Size 186 x 140 mm
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Product type DVD
Publisher Belvedere Theater Edition
Year published 2012

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