Kante: In der Zuckerfabrik. Theatermusik

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When the last performance is played, not only does a production vanish, but also their music usually loses itself in the mist of fading memory. For the first time, the newly founded label Hook Musik by the theatre publisher Theater der Zeit makes music audible that would otherwise never have been heard outside the theatres: Theatre music by Popband Kante from Hamburg, written over a period of seven years.

Kante, founded in 1997 in the context of the so-called “Hamburger Schule”, advanced with albums such as “Zwischen den Orten”, “Zweilicht”, “Zombi” or “Die Tiere are unruhig” to one of the most prominent representatives of intelligent German-speaking pop music. Chart placements, playlists, critics’ hymns, and sold-out halls, however, never stopped the band from going their own pace and pursuing their own plan. After the celebrated album “The Animals Are Restless” and extensive tours that took them to Estonia, Russia and Japan, the band embarked on a new and fascinating space: luxury, waste, intoxication and intellectual festivities: the world of the theatre.

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