Herbert Fritsch – Theatermusik (MP3)

The original soundtrack from the productions Murmel Murmel, Die Schule der Frauen, Der eingebildete Kranke, Pfusch und Elf Onkel

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In 2017, Herbert Fritsch has been invited for the seventh time as director to the Berliner Theatertreffen. His productions combine acrobatics and comedy, bright colors and Dadaist language – and inspire critics and audiences alike. The stage musician Ingo Günther has collaborated with Herbert Fritsch on numerous productions and decisively influenced the sound of the pieces with his shrill and dadaistic compositions.

Track 01
11 Pianos (from „Pfusch“ – Volksbühne Berlin, live)

Track 02
Agnes (from „Schule der Frauen“ – Schauspielhaus Hamburg)

Track 03
Overtüre (from „Der eingebildete Kranke“ – Burgtheater Wien)

Track 04
Interlude (from „Murmel, Murmel“ – Volksbühne Berlin)

Track 05
Schläge der Frauen (from „Schule der Frauen“ – Schauspielhaus Hamburg)

Track 06
Kapelle (from „Elf Onkel“ – Film)

Track 07
Show Down (from „Schule der Frauen“ – Schauspielhaus Hamburg)

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