FREISTIL Die Fidena und ihre Künstler

Edited by Petra Biederbeck, Annette Dabs

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The Puppet Theatre of the Nations (Fidena) in Bochum is one of the most important festivals of visual theatre. For more than half a century, the most important artists of a special theatrical art find their platform here: international stars like Neville Tranter as well as Ilka Schönbein, Frank Soehnle, SuSE Guardian or Gisèle Vienne. Through the combination of visual and artistic art, STELARC, Robert Lepage and Andriy Zholdak are also the festival’s history. The focus is on the encounter between the arts and the artists.

FIDENA sounds in the ears of the worldwide audience for artistic adventure and aesthetic provocation, according to subversive tradition and intelligent pleasure. “Freestyle” focuses on this impulsive creation in an impressive pictorial documentation, with original contributions of the protagonists as well as current statements of personalities from art, politics and science. It is a tribute to outstanding artists and a plea for freedom of art.

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Editor Petra Biederbeck, Annette Dabs
Product language German
Pages 144
Size 230 x 270 mm
ISBN 978-3-943881-78-3
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Format Broschur
Publisher Theater der Zeit
Year published 2014
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