Die Moskauer Prozesse

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In summer 2012, when Pussy Riot punk activists were sentenced to two years in prison for an unannounced appearance in Moscow’s Cathedral of the Redeemer, this led to protests around the world. But it was only the culmination of a decade-long series of show trials against artists and dissidents, making the Putin system impossible for any democratic transition.
For his project »The Moscow Trials«, Milo Rau gathered the protagonists of the Pussy Riot trials and the exhibitions »Achtung! Religion «and» Forbidden Art «. Rau lets her renegotiate with an open outcome.
Actors, witnesses and experts from all political circles, including Katja Samuzewitsch (Pussy Riot), Maxim Shevchenko (star moderator of state television), Vsevolod Chaplin (archpriest) and the dissident philosopher Mikhail Ryklin. In the style of a court drama with an open ending, in cross-examination, pleading and the clashes at the edge of the process, a disturbing and contradictory picture of today’s Russia emerges.

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