Die heilige Johanna der Schlachthöfe

Invited to the Berliner Theatertreffen 2013

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“Just violence is the solution, where violence prevails, and only people can help, where humans are.” – Johanna Dark, 25 years, Salvation Army soldier, does not believe in the immutability of the world. She sees a social system that produces new injustice every day. The workers in the slaughterhouses of Chicago work in inhuman conditions and get too little wages. Johanna, 25 years old the Salvation Army soldier, decides to do somthing against it – with her faith, her idealism, her idea of a better world. In the midst of the economic crisis, she tries to mediate between workers and employers – and encounters the meat magnate Pierpont Mauler. However, the more Johanna tries to help the workers, the more she plays into the hands of the seemingly unscrupulous capitalist who perfectly instrumentalizes her altruism and integrates it into his system. And the more tireless and desperate Johanna’s struggle with herself and the world becomes, the more her belief in radicalism gives way – even to the call for violence.


Theater play after Bertholt Brecht with Markus Scheumann, Lukas Holzhausen, Yvon Jansen, Carolin Conrad among others. Directed by: Sebastian Baumgarten.

German language. 127 Min. FSK 6. 5.1 DD. Theater Edition. 2015. DVD.

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