Das große Tanzlexikon Personen – Werke – Tanzkulturen – Epochen

Edited by Annette Hartmann / Monika Woitas

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The large dance lexicon presents in personal articles to choreographers, composers, stage designers, performers and dance companies as well as articles on notions, epochs and forms, works (including dance films) and the dance cultures of the world a brilliant and highly topical panorama of the world of dance.
More than 80 authors from different disciplines convey this diversity in appealing articles. Anyone interested in dancing can find a wealth of information here, not only on popular dance forms from ballet to concept dance or on important people and works in dance history, but also on non-European dance cultures, folk dances and forms of ballroom dancing. Surveys on epochs, continents or genres, entries on individual dance forms from the minuet to the Schuhplattler to tango, but also keywords such as ballet rat, photography, dance linden or dance medicine contribute to the emergence of a mosaic in which the multifaceted nature of the phenomenon of dance is expressed .
With this broad approach, the lexicon is aimed at everyone, who are involved in dance, both professionally and privately – to students and teachers of various disciplines, to dramaturges, media professionals and critics, professional dancers and choreographers, musicians and music teachers, dance enthusiasts of all styles and the large circle of readers interested in culture in general. They all will find information from their own fields, but also to many other aspects and issues, inviting them to discover something new or to see the old familiar with new eyes.

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Editor Annette Hartmann / Monika Woitas
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