Alles Theater: Schauspielerporträts

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Just now they were Hamlet or Creon, Oedipus or Medea, the conceited patient or Wallenstein in great stagings. They have just bowed to applause, in costume and mask, they go off the stage. The performance is over. This “strange, lonely moment, where you sit in front of the mirror and there is no desire to express yourself”, Margarita Broich first of all remarked on herself. Since then, she has made this discovery her subject: She photographs her colleagues in this very short and peculiar intermediate state of Exhaustion and relief, tiredness and excitement, in places that only discovers who is familiar with it. They are pictures of the theatre beyond the whole theatre.

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Book author Brigitte Landes
Product language German
Pages 79
Size 139x220 mm
ISBN 978-3458200161
Medium Books
Format Hardcover
Publisher Insel Verlag
Year published 2015

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