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When Pina Bausch prepared her film The Empress’s Law in 1987, the co-producers in Germany, France and England demanded a screenplay. No film without a script – that’s what the film industry looked like. It took some time for the broadcasters to accept that it could be done without a script. Someone came up with the idea that they should shoot a “sample film” and thus show what could come out in their very different way of working. This is how the present film was made – a reportage on the creation of AHNEN, a play she was working on. For more than a quarter of a century, the film was in the archives and today proves to be a very extraordinary document. This is how Pina Bausch and her company work. The result is works that still move the world today.

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Product language English, Français, German
Pages 96
Duration 78 min
Size 135 x 210 mm
ISBN 978-2-85181-808-9
Medium DVDs / CDs / Nonbooks
Format DVD
Publisher L'Arche
Year published 2014

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