From Today on Your Name is Sara

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Inge is eleven years old in 1933, a bright Berlin brat who does not understand why she is suddenly no longer allowed to play on the street. To be a Jewess in the following years means for Inge not only humiliations, encroachments and restrictions, but also to know neither cinema nor dance halls. It means to growing up without being young.

“Your name is now Sara!”, Says a police officer in 1938 to 16-year-old Inge and stamps a “J” in her passport – “J” like a Jew. From now on, everything changes in the life of the self-confident girl. Always on the run away from the Nazis, she makes a odyssey through Berlin with her mother, from one hiding place to another …

The play – based on the autobiographical book “Outcast: A Jewish Girl in Wartime Berlin” by Inge Deutschkron – relates the story of the fear felt by the persecuted; of the individuals who helped Inge and her mother, who became for her “quiet heroes”; of a lost childhood; and last but not least of the fierce courage of a young girl who refuses to give up.

By Volker Ludwig and Detlef Michel, based on the autobiographical book “Outcast: A Jewish Girl in Wartime Berlin” by Inge Deutschkron

Music: Hansgeorg Koch
Production: Uwe Jens Jensen

Cast: Nina Lorck-Schierning, Hansi Jochmann, Dietrich Lehmann, Thomas Ahrens, Claudia Balko, Claus-Peter Damitz, Christian Giese, Michaela Hanser, René Hofschneider, Hanna Petkoff, Renate Reiche, Christian Veit

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Product language German
Duration 168 min
Size 187 x 137 mm
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Medium DVDs / CDs / Nonbooks
Format Film
Product type DVD
Publisher Helikon Harmonia Mundi
Year published 2014
Other Subtitles: English, french

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