How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Orders are packaged immediately after receipt and then shipped by post. The exact delivery time however depends on a number of factors. Based on experience, our average delivery times are as follows:
Deliveries within Germany: 2 – 5 working days
Deliveries within the EU 7 – 10 working days
Deliveries outside the EU 4 – 12 weeks

What can I do to speed up the delivery of my order?

Unfortunately, we cannot currently offer express delivery.

Why do my order and invoice come from a company called LKG?

LKG stands for “Leipziger Kommissions- und Großbuchhaldensgesellschaft mbH”. LKG is a service company that acts on our behalf as distributor and accounting office. For this reason, you may receive your order from LKG.

Can you tell how much shipping costs?

We calculate postage as a lump sum per shipment. The number of books is immaterial; what counts is the place of delivery.


Shipping costs for deliveries within Germany:

up to 0.45 kg: 1.45 EUR

up to 0.90 kg: 2.60 EUR

up to 1.8 kg: 4.50 EUR

up to 9,00 kg: 9,00 EUR

up to 29,00 kg: 15,00 EUR


Shipping costs for deliveries outside of Germany:

Is it possible to order books by telephone?

Yes, of course! Please note that your first order must be made either in writing or online. You can contact our orders department on +49 30 4435285-11 (Mon-Fri, 10am to 5pm)

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