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Frank Castorf, Director

“The last season of the Volksbühne Berlin was the most exhausting year in my life. That was harder than arrest warrants in the GDR. It was the fight outwards and inwards. It has been noticed that West Berlin has decided to finally get rid of the overbearing, baroque Castorf. That was quite clear, from Mayor Müller to the daily papers. That was not surprising. Then there was a countermovement from people who said, now I have to go there again. Then they were affected and kept coming back. That was enormous. On the last day 5000, 6000 were in the rain in front of the Volksbühne, you can not quit better.” Frank Castorf in Am liebsten hätten sie veganes Theater Theater der Zeit, 2018

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“I feel surrounded by all the writers and artists who have inspired me and still inspire me and many who I want to discover. A place to immerse yourself, wonderfully curated. Of course, the fact that the coffee tastes exceptionally good does not hurt either.”

Nina Hoss, Actress

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